What does Domain Propagation mean?

Changing or resolving an issue related to domains on the internet goes through DNS. DNS is a guidebook for the internet that helps and directs domains to their hosting destination.

When you do changes to your Nameservers and/or DNS, the changes take time to propagate and they are not instant. Due to the huge size of the internet and based on the network system, it makes the process sluggish and takes time to push any changes. Propagation can take up to 48 hours to complete and do affects both websites and email.

While propagation occurs, you may see some symptoms:

  • Resolution of website failed.
  • Website resolved to old version or host.
  • The Website works intermittently
    • The website functions for some viewers in different corners of the world, but not for all.
    • The website functions in certain browsers, but not others.
    • The website can be functional on certain devices.
  • You may not receive the emails for the domain.
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