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Very easy and in real-time procedure for ownership of .ge extensions. It is consigned as the ccTLD to the nation of Georgia.
With only 30,000 registered extensions of .ge, it presents such an enticing and unrivaled opportunity to own a keyword rich URL with strongest growth prospects.
.ge websites has now become an exclusive and a pertinent choice for emerging ventures, café, tourism, restaurants, universities, real estate enterprises, institutions, local brands, national or cultural web, mass media, music bands, radio platforms to affiliate selves to the beauteous country in Caucasus, Georgia. .ge URL can also be used as an acronym for websites related to, “Germanium”, “Genetic Engineering”, “Geneva” etc. It is a great alternative to ‘.de’ as it resembles to Germany. Association with .ge domains is just a matter of mere imagination. ,
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Information about .ge domain registration

Is individual allowed to register .ge domain name?
Is company or legal entity allowed to register .ge domain name?
Are there requirements, documents, or information needed for .ge domains?
RegNest provides the permanent legal representative required by the Georgian registry. Authorization Letter provided to you must be signed and returned to us. Domains must be related to company requesting it. Trustee service must be selected at checkout (
Trustee/Proxy services required?
Domain registration period (from - to) 1 - 5 Years
Domain renew period (from - to) 1 - 5 Years
Transfers to RegNest Supported
Transfers from RegNest Supported
WHOIS private registration service Not Supported
Backorders .ge domain Supported
Bulk registration Supported
Registry of .ge zone Caucasus Online
WHOIS server location

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Local laws and regulations are making .ge domain registration not as straightforward as many other ccTLDs. At the same time the growing popularity of the extension, especially for its similarity to the German webspace, is fuelling the demand. Unlike the .de zone, where virtually all possible pronounceable names are already taken, .ge gives many businesses an opportunity to enter German market with their own brands.

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