What do I have to do after purchasing a hosting package?

After buying one of our hosting packages you will receive a confirmation email with important information related to your account including:

Account information

          - Domain - the domain name of the website;

          - Username and password - that you will use to login in to your account;

E-mail settings

          - POP3/IMAP Mail Host address: mail.example.am;

          - POP3: port №;

          - IMAP: port №;

          - SMTP Mail Host address: mail.example.am;

          - SMTP: port №;

The POP3 and SMTP information are needed for setting up the email client software (e.g. Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc.) or for setting up website's automated email sending scripts (if there are any).

Server information

          - Name server 1: ns1.example.am;

          - Name server 2: ns2.example.am.

You will need this kind of information to be able to point your domain to our hosting servers. If you have registered your domain name with other domain registrar company you will have to change the name servers of the domain in your account to the ones we provide.

So, you'll need to check out all this information and follow the steps in order to set the appropriate settings for your site.
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