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Online betting is a booming phenomenon over the web. Since its introduction, registrations of .bet domain names has exceeded more than 17,000 times, stressing on the exclusive scope for dice joints, club house or gaming platforms for gaming, betting or gambling Dedicated and acknowledged betting agencies and casinos can capitalize on and reap the assets of all the possibilities with this new TLD. .bet domain presents an enticing and unrivalled opportunity to own the keyword rich name for a domain with such streamline prospects, leading to enormous visibility online.
.bet domains also equip your internet presence with legitimacy and plausibility for your users and customers (which is most important in this industry) with trademark, expertise and a self-descriptive name. Do not let the chance go begging, get those dice rolling, and register now!

Information about .bet domain registration

Is individual allowed to register .bet domain name?
Is company or legal entity allowed to register .bet domain name?
Are there requirements, documents, or information needed for .bet domains?
Trustee/Proxy services required?
Domain registration period (from - to) 1-5 Years
Domain renew period (from - to) 1-5 Years
Transfers to RegNest Supported
Transfers from RegNest Supported
WHOIS private registration service Not Supported
Backorders .bet domain Supported
Bulk registration Supported
Registry of .bet zone Afilias plc
WHOIS server location

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